10×20 Self Storage Unit Buying Guide


When it comes to the subject of investments, we tend to hear how important it is to invest in such things as property, or business ventures, or products. Very rarely do you hear how much of a great idea it is to invest in storage space.

And yet, you may be surprised at just how useful storage space is. We buy phones with ample data space, and computers with just-in-case storage limits. We buy family cars before we’ve even started families. It’s just as shrewd a move these days to also buy yourself some extra space in the form of a storage unit.

Let’s take a look at why this is, in our ultimate 10×20 Self Storage Unit Buying Guide!

Why Should You Consider Self-Storage Space?

There are many reasons you may already have thought of for snapping up a self storage unit, but there may be others you haven’t even thought of yet.

For example:

Buried Underneath Your Stuff?

These days, we often have plenty of possessions, and not enough space.

Whether it’s family heirlooms, book collections we simply can’t part with, or whole wardrobes of outfits we know we’ll one day fit into again, we quickly accumulate items we don’t want to part with, but that don’t fit into our house.

Moving to a New Place?

Relocating to a new house is stressful enough, so knowing your possessions are all safely stored away and yet accessible any time you need them gives many people peace of mind.

Moving to a temporary place, moving to a new city because of work, or needing a quick and safe solution in the event of a relationship breakdown are all great reasons to consider self-storage.

Need a Hand with Your Business?

Self-storage units are perfect for those with small businesses. If you order large amounts of stock, or can’t fit everything into your office, then these can all be put into self-storage.

What else?

Hobbies that take over the house, building renovations, vehicles that won’t be used for a while… there are many reasons you might consider self-storage but once you have, you’ll likely wonder why on earth you hadn’t thought of it earlier.

Why is 10×20 a Good Size for a Storage Unit?

10×20 translates as 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, which equals 200 square feet. Most storage units will also be around 8 feet tall, which takes a 10×20 storage unit to a whopping 1,600 cubic feet of storage.

The reason most people will opt for a 10×20 space over any other is that it’s about the size of a single-person garage. It’s a space they can envision, can work with, and that will fit everything they want to store.

A storage space of 1,600 cubic feet is large enough to store a family home’s worth of belongings! You might not think it’s possible to put all that into a space about the size of a garage, but of course, when all your furniture and belongings are in your house, they’re spaced out, arranged with plenty of free space around so the place doesn’t feel cluttered.

Still not sure? Here’s what you can fit in a 10×20 storage unit:

  • Up to 3 sets of bedroom furniture, including 2 king-size and one single bed
  • Large kitchen appliances and white goods
  • Couch, chairs, coffee table and side tables
  • TVs, music and entertainment systems
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Garden furniture and equipment (i.e. barbecue)
  • Several boxes and storage containers
  • Suitcases and holdalls
  • Plants and other small items

Because the space of a 10×20 storage unit is compared to that of a garage, then it stands to reason you could also store a car in there. Many people have chosen to safely keep a car, or motorbikes, or even a boat inside their self-storage unit!

As you can see, a 10×20 storage unit is deceptively roomy and may be just what you need!

Storage Unit Tips

Once you’ve decided that a self-storage unit is just what you need, then you’ll need to be mindful of a few tips to use the space to the fullest.

Declutter Before You Store!

It can be all too easy to simply move everything from one space to another and if time is limited, then you can absolutely do this. But if you have a little breathing space, it can be a great time to go through your items and get rid of anything you don’t need.

Throw it in the trash, donate it to a charity, or pass it on to a friend or family member who might use it. After all, just because you have all this space in your storage unit, doesn’t mean you have to fill it!

Carefully Pack and Label Your Boxes

For the items you need the least, you’ll want to pack these first, and put them at the back of your storage unit. Buy boxes of uniform size (many storage units have their own on site that you can purchase) so they can be easily stacked.

Label your boxes carefully, and make sure the items you’ll need more urgently are the last things you store, at the front of the unit, so you don’t need to climb over other items to reach them.

Choose the Right Company

Make sure you pick a company you’ll be happy to store your items with. Look for important aspects of the facilities, including:

  • Easy, drive-up access
  • 24/7 video recording
  • Easy, fast online payments where you will always get receipts
  • A secure gate with keypad access
  • Dry, clean, and well-lit units where you’ll feel safe and secure when you visit the facility to access your belongings

Self-Storage – The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Whatever your storage needs, chances are that a 10×20 self storage unit will solve all your storage needs while giving you complete peace of mind. Rather than storing your items here, there and everywhere between family and friends, you’ll have everything under one clean, dry roof.

Check out local self-storage units near you today, and we’re certain you’ll never look back!