Why Self Storage is Perfect for People Living In Apartments & Condos


Living in a small apartment or condo in Port St Lucie, Florida doesn’t mean you have to completely compromise on space. Joining two households into one, as many people do in apartment living, can further the challenge of fitting items in your living area.


You probably don’t want to feel like you’re living in a museum’s archive room, so the solution for you could be a storage locker! Lockers can accommodate large items that you otherwise wouldn’t have room for.


The Benefits of Storage Lockers

There are many positives to storage locker rentals, and you’ll probably be surprised to see all you can fit in a standard size locker!


Aside from taking up space in your small living area, using a storage rental can provide you with:

  • Safe storage for your belongings
  • Extra space to store items that don’t fit in your home
  • A no-stress solution to keeping items versus thinking of selling them when you aren’t ready
  • A dedicated space for seasonal items – you don’t have to pass on decorating just because you live in a small condo!


A Storage Solution

For those items that you don’t want to part with, but won’t be using in your current living space, a storage locker is key. The oversized Halloween spider and your three-trunktrunk collection of Thanksgiving wreaths don’t have to find new homes.


Instead of trying to cram all your goods under your bed or take up precious pantry space, consider contacting your local storage unit company about acquiring a unit that fits your needs.


A few key tips for loading your storage unit:

  • Move to the back: valuable items and things that you won’t have a use for in your current space (like large outdoor furniture, you favorite trampoline, or memento trunks)
  • Move to the front: heavy items and things you know you’ll need more regularly



Don’t feel any pressure about having to decide whether or not to sell or donate items when you move to a smaller space. It’s enough of a stressor to move, unpack, and organize an entire household. When you have items that won’t fit (like your grandmother’s armoire) you don’t need to immediately part with something you might regret losing later.


An on or off-site storage unit can give you some peace by:

  • Storing items that you want to keep for a future home
  • Holding onto important memorabilia that you don’t have room to store at home
  • Keep items in limbo that you aren’t sure you want to sell


A few tips

Once you decide to obtain a storage unit, a few things might help make the process smoother in the long run.


Make a list and check it twice:

Keep stock of what you place in your storage unit. It can be really helpful to have a list of the items you stashed, in case one day you start looking for your beloved Queen record and start spiraling when you can’t find it.


Keep track of items you’re thinking of selling:

You might not be just ready to part with something, so keeping it in storage while you process the idea can make the decision easier. Think about keeping these items near the front of your storage unit, so you can access them quickly when you do decide to sell.



Don’t just toss items in without a care. You’ll be happy you spent time organizing your storage space and padding fragile items. Just like a moving truck, you don’t want to place something heavy on top of a lighter box. Store heavy books in smaller boxes so they’re easier to lift and move.


Smart moves:

If you’ve got a lot of heavy boxes in that storage unit, consider stashing a dolly in there too. It’ll make it a lot easier on you (and your back) when you’ve got to get in there and shuffle things around.


To Top It Off

You found the best apartment, so there’s no reason to get rid of your things that don’t fit! Find a storage unit that works for you and take advantage of the extra space.


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Living in a condo or apartment doesn’t mean you have to get rid of beloved items that don’t fit! Here are some great tips for finding a solution for your small-space storage.